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Cat's 'Mad' Reaction to Mom's Delay in Feeding Him Has Us Laughing Out Loud

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when it comes to waiting on food when you're hungry. When you require someone else to provide you with your food, you may get impatient when they take too long to bring you your meal. One cat understands this feeling well, as seen in this viral video.

TikTok user recently shared a video of her Siberian cat sitting on the counter in front of his bag of cat food waiting to be fed. This kitty does not seem pleased at having his feeding time delayed! Check out the video to see this cat's hilarious reaction to waiting to be fed.

LOL, we cannot believe the look on this cat's face! He is in disbelief that his mom hasn't fed him yet, and he isn't afraid to let her know. That look is enough to make us cower in the corner!

People in the comments are siding with the cat in this standoff. @cheeks92318 said, "Get in there and feed that handsome boy right now," and @kitkatsam commented, "Hi, yea, never ever do this to him again." An injustice of this size must never be repeated!

Others found it hilarious that this woman's cat was giving her the same death glare as the cat on the bag of cat food. @archivedmoments commented, "Even the cat on the kibble bag looks mad," and @therambolorian said, "The fact that the bag is looking at you too is killing me." This woman's cat probably studied the cat on the bag of food to perfect his look of displeasure!

We think this cat is too funny for the way he was looking as his mom while he waited to be fed. Perhaps now, Mom won't forget to feed the cat unless she wants to be the victim of another stare down!

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