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Dog's Patient Behavior to Get Treat from Mailman Is a Precious Moment

It's either a love or hate relationship between dogs and mail carriers. Some dogs will run up to the employee with their tail wagging while other dogs will bark uncontrollably, defending the house. It's never anything in between. And in our experience, it's the latter. 

But every once in a while, you'll see a precious interaction that forces a smile across your face. That happened recently with this clip TikTok user @georgiadecosterrr captured. The TikToker was sitting in her car when she saw the mailman walking his route. There was a Labrador outside who also spotted him coming and started jumping with joy. The end result is as beautiful as it gets! 

Aww! The dog was waiting so patiently to get a well-earned treat. Something tells us that the dog knew a treat was coming his way because how else would he know to be a good boy. We bet most dogs pick up on who gives them treats and so they plan accordingly. HA!  

"This is the content that the internet was made for," commented @megkelly523. Oh we believe that 100%! And if this isn't the reason why it was created, it definitely is the only reason why we keep coming back!  

"The happy hop at the beginning says it all," wrote @mom2twins73. Right?! We should've known at that moment this video was going to melt our hearts. As it turns out, several other TikTokers commented about their experiences with the dog and mail carrier. "My mail lady leaves our dogs treats in the mailbox," said @betty_and_brutus. Stop it, that's so precious! 


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