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Cat Found in Boston After Going Missing in Maine Serves as an Important Reminder to Pet Owners

We love TikTok not only for the heartwarming videos we see on the daily but also for the occasional informative videos. We've been surprised by how much the app teaches us when it comes to animals and our pets. Granted, not every informative video is new to us. There are ones that are just reminders for us and boy, can we use them! This most recent reminder is coming to us from Boston. 

The Boston-based MSPCA, known as @mspca.angell on TikTok, picked up a cat and brought it into the adoption center for an appointment. As the cat was about to get spayed and vaccinated, they noticed something. Not only was she already spayed, but she also had a microchip. This is great because now they can locate and contact the cat's owner! The video serves as a reminder to us all about the importance of microchips. Plus, you'll be surprised how far this cat traveled!  

Aww! Don't you just love a happy ending?! This video is really the perfect reminder to all to get your pets microchipped. If your furry bestie ever got out, the microchip is the best chance of someone locating you. Then you'd have a heart-melting reunion like this one. 

Is anyone else mind blown by how the cat went from Saco, Maine to Boston? That's over 90 miles! @Christopher Auman joked, "I thought it was weird that a cat was hitchhiking on 95...😂 glad kitty made it home safe! 😁." LOL! Seriously though, that's a lot of miles for a little cat!

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"Reuniting owners with their pets is one of the greatest highlights of working in a shelter ❤️," said @Mare S. Aww, we bet it is! And even though we shed a few tears from this clip, we'd love to see more reunion videos like this one. It's happy tears, of course! "This is so sweet. I'm glad Ben and Daisy were reunited. Ty for sharing this story," added @nibblesw00daway. Retweet! We hope Ben and Daisy get endless snuggles together to make up for lost time! 

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