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Maine Coon Cat’s Annoyed Reaction to Mom Dancing Is a Total Vibe

Cats are the type of animals that like to march to the beat of their own drum. And our drum is definitely not on the same beat as them. This is solely based on the fact that cats never seem like they want anything to do with us. LOL. We aren’t upset, that’s typical! We’re used to them sitting silently, staring at us, and judging our every movement.

TikTok user @lineonpaper was jamming out to a song, dancing her heart away in a recent video. With a catchy song like that, you'd think everyone else would be enjoying it too. But then again, cats march to the beat of their own drum. The clip pans over to her Maine Coon Cat who was sitting on the couch. The cat was clearly judging her dancing moves. You can see it right in the cat's face. But this judging look isn't a normal one. It's one you'd never get used to. So whatever image you have in your head of what the cat looks like, we promise that it's 1000 times funnier!  

LMAO! We knew it was going to be hilarious because of the video’s caption, but this reaction was so much better!! None of us were expecting it! One TikTok user said, “I was expecting a grumpy cat but not this grumpy 😂.” This reaction needs its own category of grumpiness! Was this cat responsible for the origin of RBF?! Lol! Another commenter, @blairmaline, added, “I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that 🤣.” No one was expecting that! 

The cat isn’t meowing a word but this face is speaking volumes. @Nick Price wrote, “He’s like, ‘Oh for God’s sake, not this again.” And @char said, “That cat is barely tolerating you 😂.” He’s probably only there because dinner is right around the corner. Ha!  

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