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Maine Coon Cat's Unexpected Meow Has Everyone in Awe

As some of the largest domestic cats in the world, according to Purina, Maine Coons have a presence nearly as large as themselves. They're smart, playful, and excelling at hunting--some of the most cat-like traits we can think of. 

What's not so feline-esque about these cats, though, is their meow. Not only do Maine Coon cats tend to yowl instead of meow, but they can also sound a bit...different than what you'd expect. Just ask catographer (that's a cat photographer) @furryfritz, who met a gorgeous Maine Coon with a very distinct meow. 

What are you expecting it to sound like?

Okay--that wasn't the roar we were expecting, but it was downright adorable! Even so, that tiny sound doesn't match that body at all--we thought this baby would be letting out a solid meow. Still, we're not disappointed! 

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Neither were the commenters of this video, many of whom simply ogled over the gorgeous kitty and its precious chirping. 

"I don’t get it, it’s a lion 🦁 roar," @abre.frosty8615 wrote. "It’s just like that because it’s a baby. Duh 🙄." Aww--we like this theory! @Evathegrey thought this cat had "the cutest little meow 🥰," and we definitely agree to that, too! 

Then there's @Ghih958, who called the squeak "The only sound that can melt millions of hearts around the world 🥰🎶." How sweet!  While it may not be the only sound, it certainly has melted millions of hearts through TikTok. But hey, that's why we're all on the app, right? You wanted cuteness, and you got it!

If commenter @mrdussk was right when he said that "this is so true about Maincoons 😂," we're sure there are tons of similar videos to find on TikTok. That's good news for anyone who can't get enough of this boy, because now you'll never have to! 

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