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Maine Coon Cat's Hysterical Reaction to Not Being Let Outside Is Internet Gold

If it sometimes feels like your dog is your baby, then your cat is probably more like your angsty teen who doesn’t want to listen to the rules. Just ask one woman on TikTok, who was getting more and more fed up with her grumpy-boy’s ‘tude when she told him he couldn’t go outside. We can practically sense him storming off in a teenage huff from here.

The hilarious video was shared by Nicole Kyler (@nicolekyler) on TikTok, who admittedly was having one tough time with her Maine Coon cat, Marshall. “What is wrong with you?” she asks him in the footage. “Marshall, you can’t go outside and see your girlfriend, I’m sorry.” Meanwhile, Marshall is positively furious at his mom. Just wait until you see his comical protest.

LOL! Dude was NOT happy. People in the comments section couldn’t stop laughing at Marshall’s theatrics. “He’s got a lot to say for someone that lives rent free,” @laneedoesntknowyou joked. “He called you something bad on that last one,” @jenniferpatterso00 warned. While a third commenter also picked up on the frustrated teen vibes. “YOU AREN'T EVEN MY REAL MOM!” @brittlegit18 joked.

In the second part of the video, Marshall turns the table and won’t let Kyler into house. “Can I please?” she begs, before Marshall lets out another angry wail. “You’re ridiculous today,” she says. But sometimes that’s the way it is with pets. “Cats man…,” she joked in the caption. 

Hey, it could be worse. At least she doesn't have to drive him to high school.