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Video of Maine Coon Cat Clearly Saying 'Hello' to Dad Has Us Seriously Impressed

We've probably all seen or heard at one point or another animals talking. There are so many videos of pets who sound like celebrities or cats meowing that actually sound like words. So it shouldn't blow us away anymore, right? Well, wrong again! 

We clearly can't get enough of animals talking. And this video from TikTok user @maximusthemainecoon is just the latest to blow our minds. Make sure your volume is up because you don't want to miss this! 

O.M.G. You heard that right? It was very faint, but after listening to it a second time, you can totally hear the Maine Coon saying 'Hello' to dad. No one can deny that Max is a talking cat. This is all the proof you need! 

TikTok users are obsessing over this clip, as are we! wrote, "This is the cutest thing there is. Just amazingly amazing." Right?! It doesn't get much better than this. @crembowski424 added, "This is outstanding 😂." Honestly, Max saying 'hello' is one of the best videos of cats talking we've ever seen. Such a smart kitty!

"I heard his little voice so CLEARLY," said @christitellier. That's what makes this clip so great. It's clear as day! We can't wait to hear what other words Max learns next! 


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