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Video of 1-Month-Old Maine Coon Kitten Has Everyone Totally Obsessed

Cat videos have been peak Internet content since the invention of YouTube, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the pet industry will only continue to grow as animals gain TikTok fame and social media stardom. We just can't see any other reality--people are crazy for cute cats!

Luckily for @sir_jcoon, they have lots of cute cats on hand. The Seattle-based cattery uses their TikTok account to show off adorable kittens like this one-month-old Maine Coon, and we're positively obsessed!

What a precious little baby! We can hardly believe how tiny they are. How @sir_jcoon can film them without going in for the snuggle we have no idea! 

"Ohh what a beautiful kitty," gushed commenter @daniella_lovesdic. They're impossible to resist! It nearly kills us that this video is only five seconds long because no amount of that cuteness will ever be enough. We suppose that's why so many people are obsessed with Maine Coon cats. They're gorgeous!

"I have a 6 month old one 🥰," @nelleke_photography said. "They crawl into your heart and never go out 🥰." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Loving a pet is a magical thing, and we're so excited for this kitten to experience growing up in a family of their very own. That's just one more reason to adopt or shop responsibly when looking for your next pet!

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