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Maine Fisherman Reveals the Truth About Lobsters and People Are Shook

It wouldn't be a normal day on TikTok if we didn't learn something new. We swear every time we're scrolling, there's a little tidbit of information that we didn't know before. And we love it! We're learning about all different kinds of animals that we would've never researched otherwise. And we love sharing that information with you all! So for today's tidbit of knowledge - lobsters.  

A TikToker was wondering when she sees people ordering a 15-pound lobster from Maine if it is actually from Maine. You'd like to believe it is because Maine is known for its lobster, but TikTok user and fisherman @jacob__knowles debunked that. As it turns out, large lobsters are protected in Maine and therefore have to be released if caught. Check it out to learn more! 

See, we told you that you learn something new every day on TikTok! He even gave the exact measurements of when you need to release the lobster back into the ocean. If you are seeing ads for 15-pound lobster in Maine, the chances are it's coming from Canada, Massachusetts or even the Gulf of Maine. 

He then went into depth about the lobster he was holding in the video and it's so cool! That's why we can't leave here without talking about the age of this lobster. @unknownbadg3r said, "I was today years old when I learned lobsters live 50-60 years." Holy moly! Glad we weren't the only ones who had no clue about lobsters' age!

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Although this TikToker was saying the age was slowing him down, we tend to disagree. @tillyk93 pointed out, "Gramps was like, 'I can catch my own damn fish!' 😂." This lobster wasn't going to take any handouts from a fisherman! @user4997334113301 added, "Tail slapping you like, 'I ain't dead yet!'" LOL! Don't count the older ones out. This lobster was clearly still kicking! 

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