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Cat Gets Toy Made Out of Its Own Fur and It's Actually Brilliant

If you're a cat owner, you know they require grooming so your entire house doesn't end up covered in cat fur. If you're a cat owner, you know there's nothing your kitty loves more than getting a new toy (And then immediately losing it under the sofa or refrigerator, but that's another story) and TikTok user @mycat_lifestyle has figured out a way to make the best out of both these things, grooming and toys. 

Just check out this amazingly cute video and prepare to be astonished. Talk about upcycling! 

First of all, this cat Kisa is SO GOOD at being groomed! Second of all, needle felting is so cool and we love her little face when mom hands her the toy. @Iona posts, "Wish someone would take care of me like how you take care of this cat." LOL, us too! @Duchess adds, "She took the toy! Sooo cute." She did get all grabby paws with it like "This.. is ...mine!" @user7546199311810 posts, "The way she looked when he saw the toy was so cute."

This is such a cool idea. BRB, we are going to go check out needle felting books from the library and groom our cats! 

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