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Malamute's Response to Dad Having 'Golf Buddies' Over Is Just Plain Sad

There aren't too many instances where we don't want our dogs around our side. Honestly, if we could put them in our pockets, we'd take them everywhere with us but that's not realistic. At least they can hang with us at home...most times. 

Unfortunately, this recent video shows us how one Malamute couldn't even hang with her dad and his golf friends. Our hearts are seriously breaking for this TikTok doggo @maggiemalamute. With his golf buddies coming over you'd think Maggie would get extra attention, but instead, they kicked her out. UGH! You'll start tearing up when you see her reaction. 

Stop it! Our hearts have shattered after watching Maggie's reaction. She's too cute to be sad. She doesn't deserve that at all. And no one, absolutely no one, puts Maggie in a corner! She can come over to our place and we'll make sure she gets the proper attention she needs. 

We aren't the only ones upset about Maggie getting kicked out. TikTokers are furious. @lizzr86 wrote, "It’s her house if they can’t handle it they should go somewhere else." Right?! That's the easiest solution in our minds. @ardent_zee added, "She's not too much they're clearly not enough." Exactly! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

@Hstevens5 suggested, "Um trade in those friends! That baby deserves all the cuddles." Oh, absolutely! We couldn't agree anymore. @dracoacuna wrote words we want to live by. The comment reads, "If my friends can't handle my baby, they ain't allowed over." And that's a fact! 


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