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Male Cats Who Are 'In Love' With the Neighborhood Girl Cat Are Just Too Funny

Every so often you can tell that your pet has a little bit of a crush. But one person online was positively tickled after seeing that all three of her cats couldn't stop staring at the neighbor's cat. We guess the boys just liked what they saw! And now video of the cats taking a good, long, look has people online laughing. 

According to the video from TikTok creator Ashley, or @midwestmommyof3 as she goes by online, her three male cats were caught having a moment on camera. All three cats were planted right in front of the glass door as the object of their affection walked by. Their mama hilariously set the video to the song "The Way You Make Me Feel," by Michael Jackson — which was positively pur-fect. 

"My boys are in love with this neighborhood girl cat," their owner wrote in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 300,000 times and people in the comments section teased the owner about her little loverboys. Some people thought the female cat was flirting back! "You can tell she knows they’re looking," @kathleena.niemer joked. "Those pauses she takes and the tail flicks are 100% intentional," @meganraphael3 agreed. "Not once does she make eye contact, she knows exactly what she's doing," @journeygirl935 wrote. "Lol so cute how all three of them are totally mesmerized and all their little heads moving identically and she's loving it the milkshake song would fit," @teriallen185 chimed in. 

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We guess this girl knows how to get what she wants! Work it, little lady! 

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