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Mom’s Reaction to Male Peacock Flirting With His Women Is Just Too Funny

Video of a male peacock attempting to woo his sweetie has blow up on TikTok. But that's probably because his human owner completely ruined his game! In all fairness to Paula from Paula’s Peacock Paradise in Merritt Island, Florida, she was just trying to protect a female and her babies. But try telling that to Ricky, who was dead set on showing off his flirty feathers.

Paula (@paulaspeacockparadise) caught Ricky trying to make his move in a video she recently shared on her page. The bird was showing off his plumage to try and attract his lady. But Paula was having none of it. "Go Ricky. You go. Go, go, go. No, you leave Mama be. She don't want none of that, she had babies," she can be heard saying from behind the camera. Check out how Ricky walks away after being told off. Love makes fools of us all Ricky!

The comments section was cracking up at Ricky striking out with his special lady. "Ricky, read the room," @arwensmom0106 joked. "Ricky: 'come on the doctor said 6 weeks,'" @hannibalcosplay teased. "Ricky, not in front of the babies. Have you no shame?" @lwils24 quipped. "He’s like 'I don’t care. I’ll give her MORE babies!'" @thingsandstuff87 joked.

Unfortunately, Ricky wasn't done trying to shake what his mama gave him. In a second video, Paula caught him again trying to make all the girls swoon. And by all the girls, we mean Paula herself. "Ricky, I'm a person," she wrote in the video's caption. 

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Sorry, Ricky. We guess you'll just have to keep looking for love.

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