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Dog's Reaction to Seeing Rain Couldn't Be More Precious

Have you ever met someone who's never seen snow before? It's like magic to them!  That's sort of like what's happening in one video of a dog named Eris, who was so excited to see the rain. The Belgian Malinois couldn't stop chattering as she looked from the rain outside back to her owner — and her reaction is so innocent we're rooting for her to go out and have the time of her life.

It wasn't Eris' first time seeing precipitation, but as her owner @k9eris_n_k9bak explained "it's still a new concept" to her. The footage shows the pup standing on a deck as the rain falls outside. "She is very intrigued. I think she likes it," the video's caption reads. The look on her face truly says it all. 

The adorable video has been watched over 460,000 times. "I love when dogs do that chittering thing," @callothevoid wrote in the comments section. "Dad, I don't understand, it's like bath water, yet it's not," @roxieb22trainer quipped. "My Beagle used to do this when he was excited for his walks. I’m glad he doesn’t do it anymore because it weirded me out but good to see it’s normal," @ch1ckorita shared. "Awe she is so excited to show you," @johndavidgunter added. 

Later in the thread, Eris' owner explained that Eris usually comes inside when it rains, but on this day she straight up refused to come in. They also shared that behind the camera they had the pup's favorite toy in their hands and she was waiting for them to throw it. 

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It all equals one very happy pup. "She is just very excited," they wrote.

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