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Maltese's Reaction to Learning Her Best Friend Is Coming to Play Is Totally Perfect

There was no greater joy as a kid than hearing that your best friend was coming over to play. You'd be skipping around the house all day long, counting down the minutes until they finally arrived. And as soon as they got there, it was nonstop energy and excitement. That's exactly how it went for this Maltese doggo and her Pug bestie. 

TikTok user @charlythemaltese13 recently posted a clip showing how energized Charly the Maltese was when she heard her best friend was coming over. It seriously reminds us of how we were as a kid with our playdates. You'll fall in love watching Charly make her way to greet her friend. It's absolutely adorable! Plus, you can just tell it was the best day ever for these two besties!

How precious is this?! Charly was literally hopping all the way from inside to where Peggy was. And we're obsessed with the fact she knew exactly where to go. Smart doggo! LOL! @MsLookyLoo said, "Awe, so cute! Her hippity hops are adorable! The dynamic duo!" Nothing is going to get in the way of these two besties! 

@Pamela Cummings Harris commented, "I was waiting to see who was Peggy. I was excited too." SAME! We didn't know who or what to expect, but Peggy surpassed our expectations, by a lot! They are the cutest friends ever! And we bet a playdate between them two is never boring. Let's just hope the parents can keep up!  

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"Both are full of life and happiness. Love them both," wrote @texas_margie. We love them both so much! These two are the greatest best friends we've ever seen. Here's to plenty more playdates for Charly and Peggy!

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