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Maltese's Reaction to Going to Visit His Favorite Neighbor Is As Sweet As It Gets

Everyone hopes to have good neighbors when they move somewhere new. When you form friendships with your neighbors, you have someone you can rely on close by and you always have a friend to hang out with. One pup is getting this top tier neighbor experience, and the video of their visit together is a must-see.

TikTok user @charlythemaltese13 recently shared a video of her Maltese, Charly, going to visit their elderly next-door neighbor, Marianne. In the video, this pup is very excited to see her neighbor and can barely contain her excitement. Check out he video to see the wonderful relationship Charly and Marianne have with each other!

Awww, this is so lovely! We can tell Charly really loves Marianne, and we're sure Marianne appreciates these sweet drop ins. Any visit with a cute pup is sure to be a bright spot in your day!

People in the comments thought Charly was just the best neighbor one could have. @elcacharro75 said, "Everyone needs neighbors like Charly," and @susie.woman commented, "She is very neighborly." This is only friendly pup, that's for sure!

Others commented on the awesome way Charly was rushing over to Marianne's house to see his favorite neighbor. @casperbaxter commented, "I love watching her run! Those little hops are adorable!" and @barbarafrancis72 said, "I had to watch it again—sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. She just can't wait to get in the door!" Charly was very eager to for her visit with Marianne!

We think Charly is the most precious pup around for having so much love for her neighbor. We know Marianne looks forward to these moments, and we hope they will be able to have visits like this for a long time!

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