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Video of Bond Between Grizzly Bear and Her Cub at 'Yellowstone' Is Just Beautiful

There are few things stronger than the bond between a mother and her child, and this is the case for humans and animals alike. One person is showing a particularly strong bond between two residents of Yellowstone National Park in this incredible video.

TikTok user @wattswildlifephoto recently shared a video of a grizzly bear mom and cub duo named Raspberry and Jam. In the video, this user includes several clips showcasing the incredible bond these two have had over the span of several years. Check out the video to see these amazing moments for yourself!

Wow, we are just in love with Raspberry and Jam! They are very cute, and we think this strong bond is just the sweetest. It's amazing that they have stuck together longer than most mother bears stay with their cubs, but we are not eager to potentially see them part ways next year. We hope they are able to stay together!

People in the comments praised Raspberry for being such a wonderful momma bear. @lesanicole77 said, "She’s such a good momma. Just like her momma 399! Love Yellowstone!" and @cchain32 commented, "Raspberry is a great mom. She had a hard time kicking out Snow too." We're glad Raspberry hasn't kicked Jam out of the house yet!

Others were gushing over how cute these two are. @wvspitfire2020 commented, "I'm in awe. So beautifully captured in the moments of the wild!" and @ariesgirl03240 said, "Love this. We looked all over for them this summer but no luck." We're very lucky to be able to see Raspberry and Jam through these amazing videos.

While Raspberry and Jam may have to part ways next season, we are glad they are still together for the time being. Their bond is incredible to witness, and they clearly hold a lot of love for each other!

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