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Mama Bear and Cubs Enjoy a Dip in Woman's Pool and People Are Praising Her

This heat wave has been getting the best of us all across the country. It's tough trying to stay cool. You want to enjoy the summer days but it's too sticky to be outside unless you have a pool. And oh do we wish we had a pool right now! Even some bears are wanting in on the pool life to cool themselves off. Just take a look at this clip from TikTok user @ashillycat888.

This TikToker captured an unbelievable moment that happened right in her backyard. She looked outside her window at the pool and noticed something that definitely isn't supposed to be there. It was a mama bear and her cub taking a dip in the pool! Instead of shooing them out, she let them swim. And thank goodness she did because the video is adorable! What would you have done?! 

O.M.G. How cool is this?! They're so cute. Our toxic trait is thinking we could join them for a dip in the pool but we know we can't, no matter how fluffy they are. LOL! We're glad she let them stay because animals need to cool off too, just like us. And the mama bear was definitely thankful as @teshagogo pointed out, "At the end, I felt like Mama looked up at the window and nodded a 'thank you' to you." That's 100% what happened! 

"Siri, find me a contractor to build a bear pool," commented @cales_mom. Ha! Forget about a pool for us, we'd rather these cuddle monsters get some pool time.

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@Tonya Goodwin had the best idea. She wrote, "I'm going to need you to set up a 24-hour camera. I could watch this all day. I have a feeling you'll have more visitors soon enough." Please! We could all use the pool and bear content 24/7. Luckily, the creator responded by saying, "I just ordered a trail camera! Amazon delayed the delivery, but hoping to catch more cute clips!" We can't wait! 

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