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Video of Mama Bear and Her Cubs Sniffing for Food Is As Cute As It Gets

In most places, a close meeting with a hungry mama bear and her four cubs would be a cause for concern if not sheer terror, but for Brooke Little Bear, who goes by @wildlifewithbrooke on TikTok, bear encounters are just some of life's daily joys. 

As a professional bear viewing guide in Alaska, Brooke is no stranger to these animals. She knew immediately that the family was in search of food, and she was able to get a perfect (and safe!) bird's-eye view from a balcony right above them. The bears didn't even seem to notice her! TikTok noticed, though, and now the video is getting a lot of attention.

It's easy to see why!

Aren't those cubs just the cutest? We love how, in typical child fashion, the little ones get distracted with their Mom's droppings on the ground while Mom is trying to keep walking. Whether you have human children or a fur baby, it's so relatable! 

It's also a lead-in to some wonderful jokes. In reference to the popular saying, "do bears poop in the woods?" commenter @7contractorbob3 wrote, "well, guess that answers that question." LMAO--yes, yes it does. We totally agree with @nmelvin00 that "she is one overworked Mama," too. 4 cubs is a lot to handle! According to the National Wildlife Federation, the average number of cubs in a grizzly bear litter is 2, so this mom really has her paws full. No wonder they're out searching for food!

To get some clarification, commenter @brighteyeddyer asked, "Are they Brown Bears or Grizzlies?" Think you know the answer?

As it turns out, they're the "same thing! Grizzly is the species, brown bear is what you call a grizzly that lives close to the coast," explained Brooke. Isn't that wild? Brooke really is a bear expert, and if this post isn't proof enough, check out the rest of her account!