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Mama Bear Clearly Seen Grieving the Loss of Her Cubs in Heartbreaking Video

Regardless of species, motherhood unites all living beings with the same joys, fears, and sorrows. The biggest sorrow a mother can experience is losing her babies, and one wildlife photographer captured heartbreaking footage as proof.

Wildlife photographer @wattswildlifephoto recently captured video of a momma bear mourning the loss of her two cubs that he had photographed with her merely a few days earlier. In the video, this brown bear can be seen wandering alone through the woods in the rain. As she stands near the edge of a cliff, you can see the pain and sorrow on her face as she puts her head down and lets the rain wash over her. It's a tragic video, but it is worth watching to understand that animals can grieve the loss of loved ones just as humans do.

Don't mind us, just drowning in a puddle of tears. We are so sorry for this momma bear, and we hope she can begin to heal from this tragic loss.

Moms in the comments of the video are sympathizing with the pain of this fellow mother. @lola_tarot said, "That poor mother. This is our greatest fear," and @carrot_cake_girl23 commented, "Poor mama, it breaks my heart for any animal to lose their babies."

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Others in the comments were inquiring about how her cubs died, and the wildlife photographer replied with a second video explaining how sometimes, male bears will kill bear cubs to make the mother bear ready to have new cubs. In the follow up video, he included a graphic photo of one of the cubs the momma lost. It is informative, but we will not be including it in this article due to the violent image, so please be aware of this before going to his TikTok page to watch the second video.

In the comments of the second video, others expressed their sorrow over the ways of nature. @austinbeebarr commented, "I know it's a part of nature, but it breaks my heart every time. Calves, pups, life in general..." and @somalovestheredlight said, "I know it’s part of nature, but seeing the cubs playing and then the picture really makes me wish it wasn’t so."

Be sure to hug your mothers and children tight in light of this tragic video of mourning.

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