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Viral Video of Mama Bear Helping Her Tiny Cubs Cross the Street Is As Sweet As It Gets

TikTok user @Pumpkinvines brought up a great point in the comment section of a viral video showing a Black Bear and her cubs. "If dangerous, why fuzzy?" Well, @Pumpkinvines, we're wondering the same EXACT thing! This video has us falling in love with Black Bears so much, we want to take a cub home!  

The adorable video shared by @clint_posted_that quickly gained attention with over 5.6 million views and 887.9K likes. This TikTok user gave credit to @rjconnell63 for the amazing footage. @rjconnell63 originally posted it in October of 2021, but we couldn't resist sharing this one again! Check out how this mama bear keeps her cubs safe as they cross the road. We bet you will say, "Aww" while watching it! 

OMG! That just made our entire week! What a special moment they caught of the mama bear looking out for all her babies. Did you see how she waited until all four cubs were there before moving on?! So cute! 

@Jxmasday said, "Three cubs are uncommon.. but four is rare!! I hope mama can keep all four fed!!😁😁." We hope so, too! But based off how she was looking after all of them before crossing, we're sure she can keep those growing cubs fed. "My toxic trait is thinking the mom would let me hug the babies," wrote @Anna Dwyer. Is that all of our toxic traits? Again, if dangerous, why fuzzy?!

Even the official TikTok of TED Talks is joining in on the cuteness with a brilliant idea. "Okay hear me out, domesticated bear cubs but they somehow stay small lol," wrote @TED Talks. Okay, okay, we're listening and ready to hear more about this idea during a future TED Talk!