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Mama Bear Sweetly Nurses Her Cubs in Video Nobody Can Resist

One of the best things about nature is seeing the way maternal instincts kick in after mothers give birth, regardless of species. It's also so interesting to see how these maternal instincts manifest from species to species! One TikTok is providing us with a prime example of what motherhood looks like for bears, and it's a must watch video.

TikTok user @thatbearguide is a wildlife photographer based in Yukon, Canada who shares videos of his encounters with nature. He recently shared a video of a momma bear named Katie leading her three cubs to a bushy area to nurse them! In the video, the creator says she has a very high success rate as a mom. Check out the video to see an awesome example of nature at its best.

Wow, this was so cool to see, and we loved watching Katie display her mom skills! We loved how Katie corralled her three cubs to make sure they all got some of her milk when they settled down to nurse. It's no surprise she as such a high motherhood success rate!

People in the comments mentioned how amazing it must be to witness nature like this every day. @user788622386885 said, "You guys are so lucky to be a witness to Katie and her adorable babies. Thank you for sharing." and @billymumfreycanada commented, "That's incredible! I've never seen a bear nurse before." Careers such as this that give people the ability to witness nature firsthand are a dream!

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Others pointed out some interesting aspects of the cubs' fur coloring. @blessedmomma83 commented, "Her cubs look like she was running out of ink as they were born. Absolutely adorable!" Another user, @thatscool_bruh, said, "I love how each cub has a white stripe right above the shoulder. Beautiful." The white stripe on the cubs' shoulders is so interesting!

We are all extremely luckily to see this up close video of nature. Most of us would never get an opportunity like this, so we make sure to watch as many videos of wildlife as possible!

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