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Video of Mama Bunny Gently Cleaning Her Baby Is Absolutely Precious

Motherly love is a universal phenomenon. It doesn't matter whether you're human, canine, or even rabbit--the ability to connect with their young is available to all mammals. Just look at this sweet Holland Lop rabbit and her baby! 

The duo shared a sweet moment while the mother rabbit bathed her little one, and it's nearly too sweet for words. @Lopbunniesnj posted this precious video for their followers to enjoy, but over 100 thousand people have seen it so far. The cuteness is contagious, too!

Aren't you just in love? The mother's gentle touch is oh-so-sweet, but our hearts practically melted when we got a good look at the little one. They may be more interested in sleeping than in getting a good grooming, but they are lucky to have "such a good momma!" @Jneerg80 said it best! 

We aren't surprised at all to see so many loving comments on this video. This mother-child team has everyone under their spell! @Allie_loves_life wrote, "awww 🥰 this is adorable," and we just can't help but agree! 

"Awww I’ve never seen a mommy and baby bunny together💕," wrote commenter @lala11. Same here! We're glad rabbit owners are being responsible and spaying/neutering their pets since this is the case! Even though Holland Lops are such "pretty babies 🥰😁," like @lori.nevers_influencer said, nothing is prettier than responsible breeding. 

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