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Mama Cat's Devotion to Her 3-Year-Old Babies Is So Touching

Motherhood is a lifelong role, and this cat totally gets it. She's a mama to two half-Siamese babies, and she's totally attached to them despite their age. Her daughters might be 3 years old, but they'll always be her little girls.

The adorable feline family is enjoying their time together at @bgcfelinesanctuary, where over 500 cats are cared for, loved, and given fur-ever homes. This story is just cute all around!

What a good mama she is! It's so heartwarming to know that she cares for her babies so much, even three years later. It must've made their rescue so much easier to be together!

"Is the Siamese mix the momma or a baby?" asked viewer @lincolnbugsmom. Great question! The sanctuary responded, "Siamese is the baby. Total thru the years she had 3 siamese babies when she was living on the street. 2 remain: this one and another little girl." Wow, we didn't realize this mama has had such a difficult history! It must've been so tragic to lose a baby--no wonder she's so attached to her daughters!

@Cjheahhunter was right when they said these kitties are "so sweet." Just look at how they're snuggling up together! Not all cats are even a fraction as affectionate as these "two cuties," as @ladonhobbs wrote. This sanctuary is so lucky to have them--anyone would be! From a life on the street to a life of comfort, this lil' family has already come so far. We'll always be cheering them on!

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