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Mama Cat Who Lost Her Kittens 'Adopts' Litter of Puppies in Precious Video

Love comes when you least expect it. Like for one cat who’s taken in a litter of puppies after losing her kittens. Video of the cat becoming the pups surrogate mama has recently been circulated online — and yes, it’s very, very sweet.

The unusual family was featured in a video shared by @kiwigirlxoxox. “My cat lost her kittens on the 24th of March, then she started showing interest in the puppies,” the TikToker wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “I kept her away for three weeks just in case she ate them,” the TikToker continued. When @kiwigirlxoxox finally let her cat free, she was totally surprised by her cat’s response — total and complete love.

People in the comments section were impressed by the cat’s mothering skills. “Doesn't matter what animal, a mother is a mother,” @L_i_s_a_1983 wrote. “One almost had its eyeball licked out of its socket,” @Rhondyjane joked. “The puppy is like ‘I'm confused, she's licking my hair but I'm a dog,’” another commenter, @thatjodiegirl mused.

Later in the video, @kiwigirlxoxox shared that the cat has become so close to her pups, after 3 weeks, she started sleeping with them. She even uploaded a second video, showing the group having a family snooze.


“She licks them wet,” the owner joked. Well, don't all moms like to go the extra mile?