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Mama Cat Proudly Brings Human Mom Her Kitten in Irresistible Video

As a mother, it's only natural to feel proud of your babies, This kind of feeling is universally understood, too, so it's easy to imagine how honored one owner must've been when her new mama cat presents her with one of her kittens.

Feline breeder and TikToker @pearlsragdolls captured a precious moment between herself and her Ragdoll cat, Summer, after the pet carried a kitten to her and placed it in her lap. As she talks to her furry friend, the cat replies in cute little meows exactly like she's having a conversation. The exchange is just too sweet to miss!

A quick scroll through the comments and @pearlsragdolls previous videos reveals that Summer is not a first-time offender. Before having a litter of her own, this cat would regularly steal kittens from another litter in the house before hiding somewhere cozy like a closet.

As sweet as her previous heists have been, it’s even more precious knowing that she brought her own baby to her owner. This proves that there’s a bond of trust between them, which many commenters also noticed. “ User @raquelthetrouble maker wrote, “She’s like see mom now WE can care for this one 😌.”

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Regardless of why she was so eager to show off her little one, it’s clear that her bold demeanor is a fan-favorite. “Summer says she’s the queen of all of the cats. 🥰” notes @lordinbur, while @missmeow614 wrote, “summer has a big personality and I’m here for it.”

One question that several viewers had was whether or not Summer steals the same kitten from their nesting area. The original poster did not reply to any of these questions, but previous videos show different kittens. 

Clearly, Summer just loves being around the babies, so she must be thrilled to now be a mom herself. Commenter @sabrinaprather admitted, "I love all of your cats, but summer‘s love for kittens is the cutest thing I have ever seen," which we can't help but agree with.

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