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Video of Mama Cat Trying to ‘Discipline’ Her Kittens Is All Too Relatable

Some people can’t imagine having more than one or two kids to keep up with. And for the parents who have multiple, my oh my do you have patience! We’d expect it’s hard to keep track of all the little ones running around. But many animals have multiple babies at once, so moms have to be on extra alert to keep them all in line. 

TikTok user @flatbushcats recently shared a clip of this mama cat trying to keep her kittens together. It looked like it was nap time for these babies, but of course, there is always one rebel child who doesn’t want to sleep. So when that particular kitten kept trying to escape the box, this mama cat had to lay down the law. Watch what she did to keep her kitties in line!

Aww! She must be a new mom because she was so gentle. Instead of being so strict, she tried to reason with the kitten with some kisses and hoped that he would just stay. It might have worked this time, but sooner or later, the kitten will realize he can push some boundaries. LOL! 

TikTok users are melting over how cute this clip is. @denny said, “The aggressive kisses😭 my heart’s gonna explode.” Why don’t cats ever give us aggressive kisses like this?! @Amber Wavesatgrain added, “Lol aggressively but lovingly grooming her babies to stay in the box dangit!” It’s working so far!

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If you didn't catch it the first time, watch the mama's face at the beginning of the clip. Her eyes are trying to say, "Do you see what they're doing here?" LOL! @Miss Sasha Kitty wrote, "'Mama what’s happening?' Exasperated meow ='These dang kids won’t listen!'” HA! And that's only the beginning! Wait until the terrible twos and then the teenage years. Yikes!

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