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Cat Encourages Her Kitten Like a Human Mom Would in Heartwarming Video

When our kids are little, it can be so tough to sit back and watch them try to conquer obstacles without intervening to help. But they have to learn to be self-sufficient, which obviously holds true for animal children as well! A video of a mama cat encouraging her kitten to climb up a wall is going viral on TikTok, all thanks to how human-like the mom's "life lesson" is.

The clip was shared by @catmilk11 a few days ago and currently has 3.8 million views. It shows the mother cat standing at the top of a small wall, and her kitten is desperately trying to scale it, to no avail. Mom keeps pawing at her little one and turning the other way, as if to say, "Come on, follow mommy! You can do it!" And what happens at the end of the video is just too sweet.

Mom to the rescue! She tried so hard to get the little kitty to climb that wall on her own, but eventually, she knew she had to hop in and assist. Moms always know when it's time to step in, don't they? 

Plenty of people have left comments on the video, as everyone is touched by mom's dedication to her baby. One TikTok user, @blonde795 noted, "Mom will never leave you behind." And @teresanavarro1878 added, "This shows that a real mother never leaves her children behind no matter how cruel this world might be. 😭." Another commenter pointed out how she was trying to teach the kitten, saying, "Cats are very smart and underrated. The mom (is) just showing perseverance. Notice how she keeps checking up to make sure the kitten is ok and not giving up."

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One thing's for sure, no matter what sorts of challenges come this kitten's way, her adoring mama will always have her back!

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