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Video of Mama Cat Encouraging Tiny Kitten to Come Down the Stairs Is the Best

Being a parent requires a certain amount of patience. From constantly looking out for them and feeding them to teaching the little ones everything and their nonstop questions and energy, it's no wonder it takes a special person to fit that role. But thanks to a recent TikTok clip from @catastrophiclives, we have a better idea of how to be a good parent when the time comes. 

In the video, which has over 1.3 million views, this beautiful Black Cat momma ran up the stairs as one of her babies was stuck. The kitten was too afraid to come down the stairs. Aww! So being the great mom she is, she patiently waited. She sat on the step and coached her baby through it. No really, you can hear the chitchat between them. And the result of that patience and coaching is perfection!

Aww! This is the sweetest way to start out the week. The mama was being the most patient parent we've ever seen. She was talking her baby through the whole thing and being so encouraging! Ugh, our hearts! @Holly Tester said, "She's such a wonderful mama! 😭💖." 

"The way mama sat on the step! 😿," wrote @g0thicorn. She was prepared to be there for a while. And not only that but what @bangnoodle said, "The affirmation chirps." So cute!! She was just telling the little one it was safe and that they could do it! And don't even get us started on the licks the mama gave after the kitten came down one step. Talk about positive reinforcement! "After the first step, I think those licks were congratulating her for being brave," commented @aintnobodyknows. We think so too! 

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"I needed this level of cuteness this morning omg," said @thestrangelittlebat. Right!? If the little kitten can be brave and conquer the day, so can we! 

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