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Foster Mom Saves Mama Cat and Kittens Hours Before Being Put Down and We're in Tears

Video of a TikTok creator rescuing a mama cat and her kittens mere hours before they were due to be euthanized has touched millions of hearts across the internet. And it's such a powerful reminder that you can make a difference at any point in an animal's life. 

According to a video later shared by Gabrielle Esselman (@small_town_foster), the social media creator had to act quickly if she was going to save the kitty family. "Her and her babies were scheduled to be euthanized in two hours," the video's text overlay reads. The footage shows the mama and her babies in their crate and the video is just shattering. 

"So I brought them home," Esselman wrote in the text overlay. "Her babies will get the chance to open their eyes, to grow, to learn how to play," she continued. "If I’d arrived two hours later, they wouldn’t have gotten the chance to grow up," she added in the caption. 

People in the comments section praised Esselman for making the save. "Thank you so much for saving them!" @ekideki22 gushed. "How could they euthanize this sweet momma and her babies," @disneyloverkittenmother lamented. "This made me sob. I love cats so much. It hurts my heart to know that shelters just put them down. Especially baby kittens," @sunflowermadss added. "Thank you for saving them! I don't know how a vet can bring themselves to euthanize healthy and young animals. So sad!" @aree0416 added. 

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Luckily this story has a happy ending. Esselman is clearly going to give this family all the love and care that they need. 

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