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Daddy Cat Plays Too Rough With Kitten and Mom Puts Him in His Place

TikTok viewers are drumming up support of a mama cat who jumped in to protect her kitten from the dad in a recent clip posted by @daily.animal.videos. The video has reached over 7.6 million views and 1.1 million likes in the last day. But viewers are also criticizing whether or not the person filming should have stepped in before the mama cat got involved. What do you think you would have done in this situation? 

The papa cat is seen with the kitten, and some viewers are calling playing, but others are saying he is fighting and being too aggressive. You can hear the kitten crying out right before the mama steps in, putting the dad in his place! She smacks his face with a loud hiss and he immediately jumps off. The caption in the video says, "Mom cat not happy with dad cat👀." Uh-oh! 

We'll bet that this papa cat will never make that mistake again! We're even scared of getting on this mama's bad side! @E commented, "Dad better run." We're surprised he didn't run out of the room! She was serious as can be protecting her baby! "Momma cat's not playing games," the creator wrote in the comments. 

This mom cat had killer instincts and quickly acted, and we're sure all moms out there would do the same for their child! "She says, 'Don't you dare hurt my baby,'" wrote @Delana. And @Charles added, "Mom's like, last time you baby sit." Ha! It will take a lot for him to earn back some trust. Everyone is praising this Mom. "Good mama!" said @sharbmcneil. "Momma to the rescue," added @heidicross33. Sounds like this kitten is in good hands! 

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