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Mama Cat 'Sweetly Scolds' Her Tiny Kitten in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

It's always surprising to see that your mama bear instinct has kicked in after having a baby. They tell you that it's going to happen but you never really believe them, do you? It even happens in the animal world. Like in a video that's currently trending on TikTok where a mama cat was so worried about her kitten leaving the spot where she was born for the first time that she gave her some attitude. And it's absolutely precious. 

The video comes to us from Jessica Bailey Hassan (@jessicalynnbaileyhassan) who was lucky to have her phone out when the incident happened. In the footage, her cat was very concerned when she caught her baby trying to come out of the other room. "Watch my cat tell on her baby for leaving the closet by himself for the first time," the video's text overlay reads.

Unfortunately for the bub, it seems like Mama is not ready for them to leave the nest! "I do not give permission," the text overlay reads, as if reading Mama's mind. 

People in the comments section were overwhelmed by how cute these two were. "Those little ears! Kitten is adorable. So is mama," @missmysticfairy wrote. "He's ready to explore. Her: absolutely not," @ashisback43 joked. "Cat: Baby you're too young go back in the closet," @johnsteadman3 teased. "It's like baby me coming out of my room when my parents are having their friends over LMAO at a party and I was with my friends," @_1heluvabutler quipped. 

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Sorry little guy. As long as mom is around, we don't think you're leaving that closet anytime soon. But hey, we all know that she only does it because she cares.

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