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Proud Mama Cat Shows Off Her Babies to Her Human Mom in Precious Video

Moms just can't resist showing off their newborn babies to anyone and everyone after their arrival. Cats are no exception, as it doesn't really matter what species you are! There's a new video that was shared on TikTok by @jamiebond96 of a mama cat who is so proud of her new kittens that she actually goes to get her human mom to bring her upstairs to them. 

The clip has over a million views, and it's so precious, it's not surprising that people are falling for it. Captioned with, "When you give birth and need your hooman to look at your creations 🥺🐱," it just couldn't be any sweeter.

Aww! She was like, "Hey mom, come with me! I want you to meet your grandkittens!" TikTok users can't get over the genuine gesture from the cat and have been leaving comments about how adorable the video is. @Kelsey Clarke pointed out that the cat bringing this woman to her kittens is a sign of trust, saying, "Aw, she trusts you!! Feel lucky. She'll let you touch them soon 😁." @Basic Mom said, "She’s revealing her masterpiece to you."

Another commenter, @Mich added, "She's telling you, here's your grandchildren, you will be babysitting." And @Megnog84 joked, "Kitty says 'I changed my mind, I don’t wanna be a single parent 👀, help me.'" Haha!

This was definitely such a special and tender moment between this cat and her human mom, and it shows what a strong bond the two of them have. These new kittens are so lucky to have not one, but two mamas who love them!