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Video of Mama Cats Sharing Parenting Duties Proves It Takes a Village

Two cats on TikTok are proving that families come in all shapes and sizes. The Ragdolls, Nymeria and Summer, were recently captured on video taking care of each others babies. And we just love seeing these moms work together to make sure their kittens are happy. 

Footage of Nymeria and Summer were shared by their owner @pearlsragdolls (or Pearl's Ragdolls as she goes by online) and it's so sweet. "These two mama cats have no preference on which kittens they feed," Pearl can be heard saying from behind the camera. "All of these three babies are actually Summer's babies. And all the ones in there are actually Nymeria's babies," she added. "They have no preference they just want to make sure that all kittens are fed." Just look at how Summer and Nymeria are snuggling their babes. We know they're the best moms in the whole world!

With over 1.4 million views, it seems that other people were in agreement. "Look at those co-parenting skills!" @rjessica2370 exclaimed. "Imagine they just don’t know which ones are theirs," @nenuser66 joked. "Parenting philosophy — sharing is caring," @carsynmarie11 added. "This is the best soap opera on TikTok! Kitten napping, kitten swapping - what more could happen?!" @tx.mamacita teased. 

While @lady_boomer probably said it best: "It takes a village to raise babies. I nursed my best friends baby while she worked part time. Good experience for all."

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And that's exactly the take away. These two kitties are showing everyone that it really does take a village to raise little ones. No one should have to do it all on their own and if Nymeria and Summer are willing to team up to parent, we think that's absolutely pur-fect.

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