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Video of Mama Cow Giving Her 7-Year-Old 'Baby' Kisses Is Everything

There's something so special about seeing adult animals with their babies. Even when those babies grow up, they're still attached to their mom or dads. We can't stop watching one video from The Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn) on TikTok that shows a mama cow with her now adult-sized son. Seeing these two together has people all over the internet in their feels. 

The animal sanctuary, which has locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, shared a clip of Mom and son on their page recently and people really seemed to love it. "Miles is 7 years old and his mama still gives him kisses everyday," the video's onscreen caption reads. There's something so relatable to seeing Miles get licks from his mama, Maybelle. His expression is like all of ours when our parents are embarrassing us in public. 

"Mama cows never stop loving their babies," the video's caption states.

We're positively melting after watching the video and people in the comments section were just as obsessed. "The heartwarming post I needed today," @militantsoyboy wrote. "No matter how old you are, you are still Mom’s baby," @roseeclovers chimed in. "So incredible to see!!! I just love seeing the love!!!" @happybuddhacat exclaimed. "That’s sweet, I try that too with my son but he runs too fast," @oreoagent21 joked. 

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Later in the thread, the a representative from the sanctuary explained that "Maybelle was used for dairy before she was rescued and had many babies taken from her over the years. Now that she’s safe in sanctuary with her son Miles and daughter Eclipse, she never stops showing them how much she loves them." 

Okay, now we're crying some truly happy tears. 

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