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Video of Mama Cow Proudly Showing Off Her New 'Surprise' Baby Is Just Too Cute

One of the joys of creating things is showing off our creations to our friends and family. It's even better when we are able to surprise them with something fantastic and completely out of the blue! One mama cow knew this wonderful feeling when she shared her surprise calf with her owner for the first time.

TikTok user @donny12300 owns a farm on the Scottish Highlands and recently shared an awesome video of a new mama cow and her surprise calf. There is no shortage of good moments in this interaction! Check out the video to see this adorable baby and see why Mama is so proud.

Awww this video is just too cute. The baby calf is so fluffy that we could just cuddle her for hours, and we know her mama recognizes what a great calf she birthed!

People in the comments can't get over how sweet this calf looks! @niamhbennett29 said, "I have never squealed at such a high pitch in my life! How adorable!" Another user, @lorianntorresapple commented, "Oh my stars, what a beautiful baby! Never have I laid eyes on such a unique calf." This calf is truly a sight for sore eyes—we could look at her for hours!

Others loved the mama's reaction to her owner meeting her calf. @meme_morgan commented, 'It's like she's telling you "Look at my baby!"' and @anaccidentinparadise said, "Wow, they are both so beautiful and healthy. She obviously trusts you and you her, as new moms are very protective. Congrats." It's wonderful that the mama is comfortable with her baby being around a human at such a young age. This shows they are in good hands!

We just love videos showing off newborn babies, especially farm animals! It gives us a glimpse into a side of nature we normally wouldn't see, and the videos of cute baby animals don't hurt either!

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