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Moment Mama Dachshund Is Reunited With Her Puppies After Her Bath Is Too Sweet

Once someone becomes a parent, a whole new world opens before their eyes. Even the most mundane moments--like bathtime--revolve around the family's newest additions. That's just how it goes!

Even Dachshund mama Zara knows what it's like to put her puppies first. TikTok got to witness this firsthand when @motherofdachshunds_ shared a video of the new mom getting a bath. Despite the relaxing "spaw" day to unwind and clean up, all she could think about was her pups. She's such a sweet mama!

Don't you just adore Zara? All she needs to do is look in our direction and our hearts immediately melt. And it sounds like we aren't the only ones! 

"I could look into those eyes for hours," said @davidhopkins_2021. Right? Even her human mama, who replied, "same," falls under this Doxie girl's spell, and we totally see why. She's got us wrapped around her paw!

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With Zara's puppy eyes, fluffy ears, and polite mannerisms, she could get away with anything. Honestly, we think she could be a model! Viewer and commenter @tinaachickxo wrote, "Zara is such a beautiful momma 🥰," and we couldn't agree more if we tried.

Even this precious girl's name is stylish and cute--and viewers noticed it, too! @Zarastar12 asked, "that's a cute name how did you come up with it?" As it turns out, @motherofdachshunds_ didn't come up with it at all! 

"I didn’t get Zara until she was a year old and that was her name," she responded. "I believe she was named after one of the previous owners relatives." That's super sweet if that is the case! Either way, her name is just one more thing to love about her. We can't wait to see what the puppies will be named!

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