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Video of Mama Deer Proudly Showing Off Her New Baby Is Absolutely Precious

There’s never been a more perfect TikTok name for a user than this one. Meet @snowfrickenwhite, the real-life Snow White. A group of deer has been visiting this woman's house frequently, hence the name. These deer come right up to her back door. They don't run away when she opens the door. They just hang out and they even lick her hand! 

In a recent clip that has reached over 11.4 million views and 2.3 million likes, this Snow White got an even cooler treat than just deer chilling in her backyard. She opened her door to greet the deer like she’s done before when she noticed a new member of the group. This time, a mama deer came with a special surprise - her new baby. Wait until you see how proud she is! 

Aww! How precious is this video?! This woman is truly living out everyone’s Snow White fantasy. Talk about having major trust on both ends of this relationship! But also, can she share tips on how we can get deer to come to our place?! LOL! 

“You can never move from this house,” instructed @LaKeidra Gilford. And if she does, she’ll have to leave instructions for the next homeowners so they can keep taking care of the deer. That's the rule! 

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Can we talk about how funny the mom deer was? All she wanted was her treat! She was so over everyone ooo-hing and ahhh-ing over her little Bambi. “She’s like, ‘Yes, I had a baby, now where’s my birthday gift,’” joked another commenter. The creator responded by saying, “I gave her extra cookies.” Thank goodness! Mom needed a little extra, after all she does have a newborn! @MissKellyMac also joked, “She’s like, ‘Ya she cute but I really came cuz ima need u 2 watch her while I run to the store.’” LOL! Hey, we’d watch her any time, any day. 

And here's another video so you can take in all the cuteness! 

@Rosi said, "When the little one stood up with its long stilts, I screamed joyfully." That's the only acceptable reaction! 

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