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Proud Little Mama Dog Brings Her Baby to Human Dad to Hold and Love

Are you ready for your heart to absolutely melt? That's exactly what'll happen after you see this TikTok video of a little dog bringing her baby over to meet her human dad. The small dog has clearly given birth recently. In the clip, which was shared by @luizfagundesmesqui, you'll see her bring her tiny baby across the room and hand it to her human dad, who's sitting on the couch.

She waits until the pup is safely and soundly in dad's arms, and then wait until you see what she does next. What an incredible, precious moment for this man to have captured on video!

She's so proud of her tiny little creation! And it's so sweet how she hopped up onto the couch with her dad so they could cuddle the puppy together. TikTok users are totally falling for the sweet gesture from the pup. @Nancysg831 said, "She trusts you guys so much that she wants you to hold her baby 🥰." Another commenter, @metiche added, "Grandpa is already babysitting lol."

One commenter thought there was more going on here than meets the eye. @Joyzie joked, "She wants you to look after her kid so she can party tonight 🤣." Haha, perhaps? It does look like grandpa is more than happy to help out!

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And it looks like this wasn't the last time the mama dog wanted her human dad to love on her baby. Here they are having a good cuddle in a follow-up video.

Aww. That's one very proud mom, and an even prouder grandpa, if you ask us! 

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