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Connecticut Dog Surrendered Just 2 Days Before Giving Birth Is the Most Amazing Mom to Her Pups

Dogs are amazingly resilient and can find unique ways to make it through tough situations. One dog in Connecticut was put in a difficult situation while pregnant, but with the help of some shelter workers, she is doing very well and so are her puppies!

The Westport Animal Shelter Advocates recently posted a TikTok on their page, @westportwasa, showing the journey of one Golden Retriever mama named Abby. In the video, they said that Abby had been surrendered to the shelter two days before giving birth to 11 puppies. Despite this hardship, Abby did an amazing job giving birth and is being the best mom to her new pups! Check out the video to see how caring and gentle she is toward these little guys.

OMG, Abby is doing such an amazing job with her new puppies. We can't believe someone would give this sweet girl up when she is about to give birth, and we find it hard to believe her previous owner didn't know she was pregnant. Abby deserves better!

People in the comments are shocked that someone would surrender Abby but are glad she is being well cared for. @doxiemama4life said, "Mama is absolutely adorable and her pups are absolutely adorable! I just don't how people can just give up on their family member. Breaks my heart!" Another user, @teddygus555, commented, "Who surrenders a dog they allow to be impregnated just before she delivers? Thank god she is free from them. Thank you for caring for mama and newborns!" Abby definitely had a tough break, but she landed in a great shelter with caring staff.

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Luckily, Abby already has an adopter! She will be adopted by her foster mom, a veterinary technician at a local hospital, and we just know she will have the best life with her new mom. The puppies will be eligible for adoption starting September 5, so if you're in Connecticut and looking to adopt, you know where to start!

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