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Video of Mama Dog Thanking Woman for Feeding Her Family Is a Real Tear-Jerker

Pets are always finding ways to make us cry just because of how adorable and sweet they are. They're affectionate in more ways than not. And the littlest things we do for them can go a long, long way. One special stray mama dog went out of her way to say thank you to a kind stranger. 

A video shared by Reddit user @westcoastcdn in the @AnimalsBeingBros channel shows a woman laying out food for the mama dog and all her puppies. And people are obsessing over the clip! There have been over 700 comments and 92.5K likes. The mom dog is wagging her tail and she looks like she's in amazement of what the kind stranger is doing for her. She wants to make sure the woman knows how appreciative she is for all the food. You might want to grab some tissues!

Cue the tears. "Cuteness overload. She’s like: “Thank you hooman lady for feeding my babies," @Cloverhonney said. We lost it when the woman stopped what she was doing and paid extra attention to the mom, giving her all the love she deserves! "Well I wasn’t planning on crying today, but here we are," commented @i___thinknot. We're all crying.

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"Said it before and I will say it again... we don't deserve dogs," @eapoll said. We really don't! @FluffyDiscipline said, "Awww Mama dog, making sure the kids eat first... Eat Mama Dog, you need energy, too." It's true. This mom is putting her babies first, but she needs to take care of herself as well. 

"Awwww that poor thing, scared but grateful, all at the same time. Too adorable and heart hurting. What a wonderful woman to take the time to be kind," wrote @Negaflux. A special thank you goes out to this kind woman for caring for these babies! 

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