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Mama Dog Teaches Puppy to Politely Sit for a Treat in Viral Video

Teaching a puppy a new trick can take time, especially when all they want is a treat. Luckily for some puppies, having an older four-legged friend in the family can help them towards achieving that well-earned treat. The older dog can help in the training and the little one will mimic what he sees. This is what happened with a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy and his mama. 

We can't help but share this viral video that first caught our attention in 2021. TikTok user @wpgdogs reposted their most viral video of a mom dog teaching the pup how to sit in order to get a treat. It's just so adorable that the reposted video is going viral, too. The clip now has over 4.1 million views! 

Aww, so cute! Maybe the mama dog wasn't necessarily wanting to teach the little pup, but was wanting a treat herself because she knows a sit equals reward. Ha! @Josh Anderson wrote, "Don’t ruin this for me son,” which is exactly how the older dog looked. @Anthony Rodriguez added, "The way the other dog was like '…bro trust me' 😂😂." The puppy will definitely know how to sit from now on! 

It looked like the little puppy was confused at first why as to why he was being forced to sit down, but he eventually made the connection. "Aww, the way he looks back like 'Am .. am I doing it now?' 😂," said @Jenna. Yes, that's exactly right!! 

Even the official TikTok of @Jake from State Farm enjoyed the video. He said, "Doggo #2 full of good neighbor vibes 🐶." We wish we had neighbors like this. We have to agree with @Skylar who said, "Give one treat to her too." It's the least you could do as she helps train the new puppy!