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Video of Duck Meeting Her Surviving Baby After Losing 3 Others Is So Moving

Raising babies is one of life's greatest, most rewarding challenges no matter what species you are. The bond between mother and child is universal, so it can be heartbreaking for all when a beloved pet loses a baby. Or, in this case, 3. 

When @fowl_mouth_mama's duck Clarabelle first welcomed a set of triplets, she still had four eggs left in her nest. Because she gave so much of her time to her ducklings that were already born, though, 3 of the 4 eggs were not healthy enough to survive. As if that wasn't enough, Clarabelle lost her oldest 3 babies in a tragic drowning incident the day before the last remaining egg was set to hatch. After a roller coaster of a week, @fowl_mouth_mama recorded the moment she introduced Clarabelle to her last surviving duckling, and it's just as touching as it sounds. 

Aw, Clarabelle! Our hearts hurt for her loss, but we're so happy she still gets to be a mama after all of these tragic events. Neither she nor @fowl_mouth_mama did anything wrong, and they deserve every moment of joy with this precious duckling. Still, nothing can erase what happened, so it's extra special to see all the support TikTok commenters are offering. 

"So many emotions 😭 ❤️," said @qutiepie42. "She missed her babies so much, and then when she heard her baby, she instantly had some relief. What a beautiful moment ❤️." It really was--we could practically feel her emotions lighten!

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Even so, it's hard to see Clarabelle looking for her older babies before she met her youngest. @Helenaflores2015 commented, "Was she calling for them 🥺?" And our hearts absolutely shattered when we realized she was. Clarabelle's human mama feels the same way! She shared, "I couldn’t even listen!!! It was so heartbreaking." OMG, we can't imagine!

These difficult moments just make it even sweeter that this precious duck has a baby to dote on now. Needless to say, Clarabelle and her child have a lot of new fans now, so you can be sure we'll see more video updates... like these! 

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