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Mama Duck’s Way of Asking Human to Help Her Trapped Babies Is Too Sweet

It's no question that animal mamas are very protective of their babies. Often times they won't even let you near their precious young. And if their babies are left alone, you have to be sure the mom isn't coming back. You don't want to risk touching the baby because that might keep mom away. On some rare occasions though, animal mamas don't mind you seeing or holding their babies. That's a sign of trust, or maybe they just need a human's help. 

Take for instance this mama duck who sought help from TikTok user @bernie__doodle. The creator wrote in the video that she heard some commotion going on outside. Turns out it was coming from a duck in her driveway. The creator realized this mama's ducklings fell into a storm drain and were trapped. The way this duck mom asks for assistance was simply brilliant and it goes to show that it's never bad to ask for help. 

Aww, what a happy ending! We can't imagine what was going through that poor duck's mind when she thought she wasn't able to get to her babies. She knew desperate times called for desperate measures that's why she started her loud honking! And it clearly worked because it got this TikToker out of the house! 

The creator grabbed her neighbor to help and together they came up with the most innovative plan to safely rescue the babies. "Who knew that carnival game where you scoop ducks for prizes would be applicable to life 😂," laughed @rachann018. LOL! We would've never thought but thank goodness it prepared this duo! @pickypickle521 added, "Ingenuity and teamwork. Love to see it!" Seriously, that was fast problem-solving!

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TikTok users are amazed how this mama duck knew exactly how many babies she needed. "She knew how many she had and was waiting for the last ones😭💕," said @someonemademedoit13. So cute! After they got the ducklings out, the creator said they covered the drain with a box until the mam and her babies left the cul de sac. Just as an extra precaution to avoid more accidents. Aww! We're so glad this all worked out and the family of ducks is safely back together!

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