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Video of Horse Showing Off Her Brand New Foal Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

All new mothers love to show off their babies, and this horse momma is no exception! This foal, Aurora Skies, was born a few hours before the video was taken and is meeting her owner for the first time with the help of her momma.

In the video posted by @shoneekirkham93, Aurora Skies stands tall in front of her mother, who looks on proudly. After a few moments, the foal takes a few steps toward the camera, showing off her movement, and we were treated to a close-up of her cute, young face. Her mother follows close behind, encouraging her foal and offering a reassuring presence. See for yourself how precious Aurora Skies is and how proud her momma is of her baby.

Aww, too cute! Momma did such a great job with this little one, and it's just so sweet how proud she was so show off her new baby.

So many people in the comments of the video thought the momma did a great job of encouraging Aurora Skies to meet their owner. @emilyrp1996 said, 'Mum was like "Don't forget your manners,"' and @vickisiebenalermaslowsk0 commented, "So sweet. I love how attentive momma is with her baby." It's truly so adorable!

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Other's in the comments couldn't believe how great momma and Aurora Skies look. "The markings are so unique! So beautiful!" said @juleslovestosew. Another user drew attention to the foal's ears. @keleuhn commented, "A BLUE-EYED HORSE!?!?!?!? What?! Oh my god, so cool." Those two really do look amazing!

We imagine Aurora Skies will continue to get plenty of love and care from her attentive momma!

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