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Video of Mama Pit Bull and Her Tiny Babies Howling Is Just the Best

The Internet absolutely swoons over a good ol' awoo--that's doggy slang for a howl if you're new around here--and it's easy to see why. Each howl sounds as unique as the last, and the way a dog throws their head back? It's perfection! 

Since everyone loves a good howling video, @ashevillebullies just had to get in on the action. Fortunately, new mama Lilly didn't make it difficult. She easily indulged her owner with a howl for the ages-- but when her pups join in? Our heart practically gave out from cuteness overload! 

What did we tell you? This mom-and-baby team is the sweetest thing! Judging by the looks of the comments, we aren't the only ones who think so either. 

"That is the best thing I've ever seen!!!!" @kimberlylundy538 said. Right? Mama Lilly's howls are so graceful and pure, and her babies are so full of personality! That first Pittie puppy to start singing is definitely a superstar in the making.

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And then there's the "Lil baby in the corner like …'I’m trying to nap,'" just as @jayswizzlemynizzle noticed. LOL! We suppose not everyone is in the mood for a group singalong. According to one comment, in fact, this is a pretty rare and special moment!

"This is my favorite sound ever 🥰," wrote @idontgiveash1t16. "Not [too] many pitties howl this is beautiful 😍." We're counting our lucky stars we even got to see this adorable scene, but we have no clue how Lilly's owner held it together witnessing it in person! We're on the same page as @.eeeemmaaaa, who said, "I would spontaneously combust if I witnessed these cuties in person 🥰." There are certainly worse ways to go! 

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