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Mama Pony ‘Ditches’ Her Baby to Go Find Snacks and His Reaction Is Too Funny

When you're hungry, there's nothing that can get between you and the fridge. Or in the case of one mini-horse on TikTok, nothing was ever going to get between her and the snacks inside her human's house. Not even her own baby. Yep, this mama has been known for ditching her colt to eat. But let's not judge her too harshly just yet.

Izzy's owner @baizeebaby77 had her phone out and was recording when the horse came a-knocking at the back door. After chowing down and some banana and a carrot Izzy and company return outside to find baby Corndog. Whew, she was safe and sound with another horse on the property. "Say thank you to your friend for babysitting so you can pig-out," the horse's mom says from behind the camera. It seems the baby Corndog wasn't thrilled that mom ditched him, but take a look at how he acted out!

The comments section was in agreement: this was too cute for words. "OMG this is the cutest thing I've ever watched," @mandasollitt wrote. "She said 'forgot the baby, open the door!'" @kolaura89 joked. "The best kind of chaos," @lucamod_ teased. "She's like no time for chit chat I'm here for my snack and got to get back to the kid. Such a precious moment and beautiful babies you have," @ashley_ann_19872 added.

In all fairness to Izzy, baby Corndog was safe and sound the entire time. And even the best mom's need a break. 

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Or as @gingers759698 put it: "All 'moms' need a mommy time break."

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