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Mother Swan's Annual Tradition of Walking Through Woman's House Is Just So Touching

Every family has its own unique traditions. From wearing matching outfits on Christmas morning to going to the same restaurant every year on your birthday, the traditions run far and wide. You either love them or hate them and there's no in between. There's one thing for certain though, this video you're about to see is a tradition unlike any other. Who knew animals have traditions too?! 

TikTok user @cjmiami has been able to experience the best tradition arguably ever. And it's not even one he initiated! It comes from a mother swan! Once a year this mother swan will wait for him to come home. As he goes to the front door, she follows with her swan children right behind. What they do through the house is adorable. We've never seen a tradition quite like this but now we want to be part of it! 

Aww! The mama started a march through the house and her babies all followed! We can't believe they actually walked around the house like a parade. And they were taking their time too! They didn't want to rush through especially since they only come once a year.

TikTok user @Raleigh Adventures said, "They love what you've done with the place. 😂." LOL! They come back every year to see what updates this creator makes. The next update needs to be a little house for these swans so they can spend extra time there. One day is not enough! "You can never move," added @user3158227183824. Right?! The creator said he's lived there for 5 years already so it would be hard to leave the place now! And if he does, this tradition must be passed on to the next home owner.

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Maybe the mother swan wasn't actually there to see the house but rather what @Samantha Johnson said. Her comment reads, "They’re gathering information for the inevitable takeover." LOL! She comes back every year to plan how she's going to decorate the house. Hopefully they can learn to all live peacefully together! 

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