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Man's Elation Over Fostering a Beagle After His Dog Passed Moves Us to Tears

Hearts will always form a deep cut after a pet crosses over the rainbow bridge. And when that happens, it seems like nothing will make you smile or fill that once full heart again. The grieving process takes time. And oftentimes, one heals better with someone or something by their side. That's why this one dog dad needed to bring in a new fur friend to the family. 

As sad as this man was after losing his dog, he knew he wanted another pet in his life. Not only to heal for himself, but because he wanted to help a shelter animal. That's when TikTok user @sweetbuffalototherescue stepped in and helped connect this man to Buffalo-based Magic’s Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue. The TikToker captured the moment he welcomed his foster Beagle home and what he does is the sweetest thing! 

Stop it! Our hearts can't handle this! Fostering a dog is one thing, but this man went ALL out. He made a sign, brought in balloons. He made it a whole party and we should be taking lessons. Every animal getting a foster fam or adopted should be greeted with a party because it's such a big deal to be out of the shelter, surrounded by a loving family. 

The big welcome paid off because as @brezzeybee said, "She knew who her new dad was immediately." YES! The pup went right up to him. Too cute! @Ebeth June wrote, "I’m not crying, my eyes are just leaking." Oh, we won't deny it. We're sobbing over here!

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And something tells us that this fostering dad is going to end up with not just a foster pup. @jules25258 commented, "Yep. That’s a foster fail. 🤞Welcome home baby. Take care of each other! Bless your souls. 🐾 ❤️." Exactly! A foster fail meaning this man is eventually going to adopt Harper forever. We'll call it now! 

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