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Story of Man Instantly Becoming a 'Duck Dad' Totally Melts Our Hearts

All animal lovers turn into heroes when we encounter animals in distress. Whether it is finding a lost dog, rescuing a cat from a flood, or saving an injured bird, we always spring into action when needed. This was the case for a man who found a lost duckling and instantly went into papa mode.

TikTok user @angeinthesun recently posted a video showing how her boyfriend found a baby duck alone during a storm. He spent hours searching for the duckling's momma to reunite them, but he was unable to find her, so they set up a nice box for the baby duck to sleep in. Check out the video recounting the duckling rescue for all of the heart melting goodness!

Aww, these two are so cute together! The video clips of the baby duckling falling asleep in his hands are so sweet. This is one lucky duck!

Many users commented on the video to express their jealousy! @lostmymindovereilish said, "Why can’t these things ever happen to ME?" and @xrand0mzer0x0 commented, "How does it feel to live MY DREAM!?" We totally wish we could have held this sweet baby duck too!

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Others thought it was so amazing how safe and comfortable the duckling must have felt while he was being held. @ashleighrobins commented, "Aww how cute! He must feel so safe in your hands... Can't wait to see his updates," and @rebekah_fenwick said, "Warm hands, the perfect place for a nap!" Animals rarely fall asleep if they feel nervous or unsafe, so this means that baby duck must have trusted his new adopted dad!

Hopefully this baby duck gets the love and care he needs to get back on his little feet!

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